A few words about

What We Do


Since its establishment, the organization has focused on the following thematic areas

ELiDA is committed to improving access to education for girls and women. Major areas of interventioninclude

  • Providing material support including stationeries,
    and dignity kits to encourage girls to stay in school.
  •  Preventing women/girls trafficking, and illegal.
  • Minimize girls’ school dropout by creating a safe school environment. ELiDA is committed to improving access to education for girls and women. Major areas of intervention
    migration through awareness creation activities in

ELiDA works to build young girl’s capacity with tailored training including.

  • Training on assertiveness, time management, study skills, and leadership.
  • Providing tutorial services on main subjects.
  • Establishing gender clubs to encourage girls to take ownership of their issues and exercise leadership roles.
So far, through ELiDA’s intervention
  • 5000 school girls are supported.
  • 5000 who would have otherwise withdrawn graduated from high school
  • More than 200 graduated from university or collage.
  • A few joined ELiDA afterward, to support other girls stay in school
  • ELiDA works to create awareness on GBV prevention, safeguarding, and access to available services to survivors. Main intervention areas include.
  • Reducing violence at home and in schools through awareness.
  • GBV case management creation.
  • Child protection and safety.
  • Adult at risk and child safeguarding.
  • Create access to services.
  • ELiDA also works to build the capacity of other local CSOs and women’s groups, by promoting various tools in GBV prevention and response.
  • The organization provides training for GV and non-GBV actors to cascade the use of GBV pocket guideline.
  • ELiDA works with media and renowned women writers to publish a series of articles on women’s role in politics and peacebuilding in Ethiopia.
  • ELiDA promotes human rights and democracy through various platforms including working with communities to organize and establish peace making initiatives