What We Do

What we do

Our comittment

  • ELiDA collaborates with schools and community leaders to empower young girls to become self-aware and understand the implications of their decisions, including illegal immigration, addictions, and unsafe sexual practices. 
  • ELiDA continuously supports girls in school by strengthening gender clubs and providing material support, including stationery and dignity kits. 
  • ELiDA runs a safe house to provide women who are victims of violence with a temporary shelter and to provide skills training for women on the streets. The shelter welcomes women, young girls, and their children and provides a safe space as well as psychosocial support to empower and restore self-reliance. Women and girls use this opportunity to learn new skills and start small businesses to become economically independent. 
  • Understanding the importance of political participation and power to improve the situation of women in the country, ELiDA partners with various organizations, including political parties and donors, to empower women to seek political offices, get elected, and encourage women to vote and participate in the democratic process. 
  • ELiDA is a champion of peaceful coexistence and dialogue for conflict resolution. Considering the current situation in the country and the massive price women and young girls pay in war and conflict, ELiDA partners with regional and government bodies, and donors to promote the culture of democratic dialogue, traditional and modern means of conflict resolutions, as well as respect for human rights. 
  • ELiDA addresses the impact of climate change by building the capacity of women and girls to restore their environment and use the opportunity to gain economic benefits. ELiDA trains youth and women to clean and recycle, and in tree nurseries