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What We Do

  • Girls Education
  • GBV/SGV, Protection and Prevention
  • Democracy and Governance
  • Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation
  • Women’s Political, Social, and Economic Empowerment
  • Climate change, biodiversity, and environmental protections
  • ELiDA is a not-for-profit, gender-focused, women-led, non-partisan, and secular indigenous CSO established in November 2008
  • ELiDA contributes toward solving the multidimensional, political, social, and economic challenges of women, girls, and youth in Ethiopia.
  • Advocacy & Campaign: Advocate for women, girls and youth participation in social, economic, and political spheres.¬†
  • Partnerships : Engage with stakeholders and establish networks and partnerships¬†
  • Strengthen capacity & secure funding
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